Benedict restaurant Review -Welcome to Wonderful World of Breakfast & Brunch

Benedict restaurant Review - Welcome to Wonderful World of Breakfast & Brunch


 Key Facts ✏️

  • Breakfast & Brunch All Day
  • Address: Ben Yehuda St 171 Tel Aviv-Yafo📌
  • Great service- Staff is knowledgeable and well informed, effective, and easy-going💁
  • Restaurant description in 3 words: Great ambiance, Israeli, Vegetarian Friendly 🍳
  • Mid-range Price: Average cost for three = 100 £ 💰
  • Book your table: Benedict restaurant 🔔
The first Benedict restaurant opened in October 2006 and became the first restaurant in the world serving breakfast around the clock. People say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so we didn’t want to miss it while in Tel Aviv. Reservations are a must if you want to enjoy it at peak hours, but believe me is well worth it, even if you happen to be nearby and you have to wait in line for a while.
This place feels like home, the atmosphere is friendly, the service is very fast, the food is delicious and the plates look just like the ones in high-class magazines.

The Menu is a mix of traditional & unique interpretations of breakfast & brunch. Is difficult to decide, we fancy everything. We’ve got some delicious starters (I can recommend the spicy “Jalapeño Poppers” and the “Smoked Salmon” served with capers and red onions (a delicacy). Here I tasted the best “Shakshuka” ever, served with salad, eggplant spread, and Bulgarian feta cheese. Another one of my favorites if you are really hungry is the “Scandinavian breakfast” (huge salmon fillet served with asparagus, hollandaise sauce, and some crispy potato Pancakes cooked to perfection). From the breakfast, in the bread section, I love the famous “Avocado Bagel” (half with Avocado and herbs, another half with gouda cheese and scrambled eggs). At Benedict, they have also a big selection of sweet, fluffy Pancakes, served with your favorite toppings. I love the sweet, consistent Kinder pancake and the fruity blueberry one. They come in 3 pieces, big or small. After 5 days in Tel Aviv, I got addicted to Benedict. I hope soon they will extend as well in Europe.

💔 3 Dishes saved from the Menu for my next visit 💔

1. Vegan Breakfast  [£12.00]
Scrambled tofu with mushrooms, fried onions, turmeric and herbs Served with a vegan breadbasket, grilled green beans, eggplant spread, tahini-beets, crushed tomatoes, and chopped salad

2. Israeli breakfast [£18.00]
3 eggs of your choice. herb or fried onions can be added. Served with labneh zaatar and crushed tomatoes, Feta cheese with zaatar, tuna salad, chives cream cheese, variable dip and your choice of freshly squeezed juice and a warm beverage of Mimosa

3. Steak & Eggs  [£30.00]
300 g of entrecôte steak, a crispy potato, asparagus, a fried egg, and mustard cream sauce
Disclaimer: Aliceee Traveler was invited for a complimentary breakfast at Benedict






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  1. Lindsey2:06 AM

    O wow, that Shakshuka got my heart. Will save this restaurant for my next trip to Tel Aviv

  2. Shira2:11 AM

    I used to go here with my friends each Sunday. At some point was so difficult to get a table we gave up. Will try again

  3. Wow that looks an absolute feast. My stomach is rumbling just looking at the photos :)

  4. That looks amazing! -looks at her granola bar breakfast with sadness-

  5. The Israeli breakfast looks amazing. The pictures have inspired me to make some new things!