Tempo Perso Review - Stunning Italian restaurant in Edinburgh

TEMPO PERSO REVIEW - Stunning  Italian restaurant in Edinburgh 


Key Facts ✏️

  • Italian fine dining in Edinburgh 
  • Address: 208 Bruntsfield Place Edinburgh EH10 4DE 📌
  • Great service-This a family-run restaurant with a lot of character and professional staff 💁
  • Restaurant description in 3 words: True Italian Story, High-Class,  Wine Bar 🍷
  • Mid-range Price: Average cost for two = 65 £ 💰
  • Book your table: Tempo Perso 🔔

A special find for fine dining in Edinburgh. The food was excellent, the service was very professional and the cocktails expertly paired. It was underlined to us from the very beginning that this place is all about the best quality and local ingredients. Emphasis on Mediterranean & Italian cuisine, including fresh Seafood. 

The varied menu includes several starters (try "Impepata di cozze" - Scottish mussel in white wine and black pepper sauce absolutely delicious, or the healthy option "Bruschetta Tricolore" with fresh mozzarella, tomato basil, and evvo). For mains we shared the best calamari ever, chef deserves a prize for this so search for "Calamari di Maria", followed by a nice pasta dish "Tagliattele Gamberi, Asparagi & Ceci" - King Prawns in bisque sauce (slow-cooked Scottish langoustines) really tasty with al dente pasta, just as I like it.  

Everything we had was a feast for the eyes as well as the taste so we'll certainly go back.

💔 3 Dishes saved from the Menu for my next visit 💔

1. Ravioli Cacio & Pepe  [£13.00]
Ravioli stuffed cacio (pecorino cheese) & pepe (black pepper) served in artichoke sauce topped with fried leeks (8 ravioli) 

2. Saltimbocca alla Romana [£17.50] 
veal escalopes, Parma ham & sage in our 'fonda bruno' sauce 

3. Pollo Funghi 
chicken breast in white wine, mushroom and rosemary sauce
Disclaimer: Aliceee Traveler was invited for a complimentary lunch at Tempo Perso restaurant







Thanks for visiting, XoXo, Alice


  1. The food looks so good. What was your favorite?

  2. Hi dear
    I am a big fan of italian food.
    Good article

  3. Thank you! I added this to my places to stop when I go visit this summer. It looks so nice!

  4. Looks yummy food. I tried couple of times authentic Italian food and loved it. Good write.

  5. Looks so delicious...