Salva Vida restaurant - Michelin starred Chef in Tel Aviv

Salva Vida restaurant - Michelin starred Chef in Tel Aviv



Key Facts ✏️

  • Salva Vida fine dining in Tel Aviv
  • Address: HaYarkon St 88, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel📌
  • Great service-Very good attention to details, 3 professional staff were attending our table💁
  • Restaurant description in 3 words: Great ambiance, Michelin starred Chef,  Fusion 🍤
  • Mid-range Price: Average cost for three = 150 £ 💰
  • Book your table: Salva Vida 🔔

When you go to Salva Vida expect to be treated like a queen and a king (service is the best I’ve seen so far in a restaurant) and the food is at the highest level of extravaganza. The waiter went above and beyond with recommendations and special care and the chef should really get an award. We had a perfect night at Salva Vida enjoying the sunset with a cocktail (I totally recommend Mojito, Daiquiri Special and Bitter Mai Tai) and then immerse ourselves with some fusion quality starters:

*“Salmon sashimi” on a slice of orange that was surprising, but perfect match

* “Tuna sashimi” served with apple slices and sumac is a fresh bite option perfect in summers

* “Endive Salad” & “Salanova lettuce” with blue cheese tastes like heaven (vegetarians will be happy) 

* “Grilled shrimps” comes in a good size with a divine sauce 

*My favorite starter “Roast Beef” - perfect tender meat, that stayed in the sun for 48 days). 

*Best Homemade Pasta I ever had, chef deserves a big award for this, called “Pici Pasta”. Go and try it, you'll thank me later. 

*Drum fish with sweet potatoes and ginger is my second favorite dish of the restaurant. 

*Any good dinner should be finished with a good dessert, and that’s exactly what you get a Salva Vida. Both, banana bread and creme Brule, were fantastic!!!!

In an intimate space overlooking the spectacular Mediterranean Sea, with a young, energetic atmosphere, coupled with great food, Salva Vida restaurant makes for an unforgettable experience.

💔 3 Dishes saved from the Menu for my next visit 💔

1. ROAST BEEF  [£15.00]
Mushroom Ragu. Bone marrow crumble. Colman's mustard.

Ajo blanco. Red mizuna. Bacon granola.

3. LAMB T-BONE  [£30.00]
Spiced rice. Homemade Labane. Pistachio.
Disclaimer: Aliceee Traveler was invited for a complimentary dinner at Salva Vida restaurant






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  1. Theae dishes sound absolutely delicious.i am particularly intrigued by their version of roast beef!

  2. Oh wow! That all looks amazing! Is that tuna at the bottom?

  3. Wow thats a fabulous spread, missing my dine outs. Salmon, Salad and shrimps are my favourites. I dont eat beef so have to leave that out.

  4. I'm not sure which one I would like the most--they all look so perfectly fresh! I think I would want the lamb t-bones the most if I had to choose.

  5. Thanks for this review that had me salivating! That salad looks amazing.

  6. The food looks amazing! I want to try the food at Salva Vida restaurant. Can't wait to travel back!

  7. Wow. I have never ate at a Michelin starred restaurant before or have been served by a classed chef. Thanks for sharing your insight!

  8. Everything looks so yummy!