Review Camera Obscura - The best tourist attraction in Edinburgh

Walking down the Royal Mile, heading to the Castle I noticed a long, long queue for a museum entrance. You know my passion for kinky, strange museums so I was immediately curious to see what this one was all about. After I read that Camera Obscura and World of Illusions was opened since 1850, one of the largest museums of tricks and magic in the world, I made a quick online reservation here >>> Camera Obscura official site, for the next day.

Camera obscura is a huge museum! There are 5 levels filled with magic, all kinds of interactive Illusions (walls overflowing with inexplicable shadows/unnatural contortions/wavy mirrors etc) 3D photos, infinity rooms, Halloween displays, Holograms etc.

5 attractions to love in Camera Obscura and World of Illusions in Scotland

1 The best attraction in Camera Obscura is the Mirror Maze 

It didn't seem to be big a deal, children were running all around, but little did I know that those children have probably spent 30 minutes memorizing the way. However, I still don't understand how they figured it out so quickly, while I was struggling, walking slowly, touching the glass carefully, making sure I don't hit my head. It was frustrating at the beginning but 5 minutes later, I loved it. I loved the game of colours that play an important role to confuse you, I loved the energy, the mystery, the sound of happy kids and the fact that I manage to find my way out in under 15 minutes. Of course, I played 3 times just to see if there are multiple exits but I found only 1.



2. I boosted my adrenaline in the "Vortex Tunnel"  

Oh my God, this was even scarier than the Mirror Maze. The tunnel was moving all the time while I had to cross a little bridge inside it. I felt my head spinning, my eyes rolling and each step I thought I was gonna fall. Colourful lasers, like a rainbow, were floating above me, but all I wanted was to jump as far as I could, to get out of there as quickly as possible. I end up running, but thinking back now, I wouldn't mind doing it all over again! This was by far the craziest experience I had in Camera Obscura.


3. My favourite illusion 

Being an Instagrammer I always search for crazy ideas! As a content creator, I found so many great ideas in this museum. My favourite illusion was this one with my head on the table. I felt like I was part of a magic trick, but it turned out to be very easy. If you want to find out the trick, visit Camera Obscura.


4. From the Rooftop, I've seen the best views of Edinburgh  

On the top floor, all visitors have access to the Rooftop, a large open space where I enjoyed a 360' panoramic view of Edinburgh. There are several telescopes and binoculars, completely free, to help you see all the details of the city. The views are really lovely and in my opinion, is the best chance to see The Castle from above!



5. The Camera Obscura show 

In Latin "Camera Obscura" means Dark Room and there is a show every 15 minutes in this little darkroom. Only by comparing a meticulously curated conglomeration of old, new, live and unique pictures of the city, you can truly examine the differences of Edinburgh over time. The Edinburgh Show is essentially a time capsule, enabling visitors to view Edinburgh in 3D during Victorian times, thanks to an impressive array of stereoscopic lenses, mirrors, and 3D specs. Live view cams let you explore the city without even taking a step. Spy on passers-by in the street, pick them up in your hand and even squash them. I was truly amazed!


Thanks for visiting, XoXo, Alice

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